Thursday, January 12, 2012

QR Tags!

I have had several clients in the past few months request QR tags for their boarding pass or passport invitations. At first I was unsure of what they even were, I am a little behind on "new things" lately with Emma taking up most of my free time :)

So I have been doing a little research on them and I have decided they are AWESOME!! While I would not suggest putting them on formal invitations themselves, they certainly would be great for those having a destination wedding and have information cards or pages within a passport to send quests to their wedding website quickly.

All your guests have to do is scan the tag within your invitation and it is set up to send them directly to your website, just that easy! You can also have it send them a text if you want, or just plain text to them as well.

To try it out, I created one to just send people to my website!

And one to send people to my Design Blog (here!)

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