Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mailing Invitations & Custom Stamps

For all of my brides getting ready to mail their invitations I have a few
MUST HAVE'S that you need to do before you drop them in the slot!

1. Take one invitation to the post office to have them weigh the invitation to ensure correct postage is put on them before you mail all of them. Make it it includes the rsvp envelope and the mailing envelope included to ensure the correct weight.

2. Have multiple scales read the invitation while at the post office. Yes this seems ridiculous to do but if you get the one bad clerk who doesn't take the time to weigh and calculate the postage due, you will have them all coming back to you :(

3. Make sure you look at and see if any stamp rate hikes are about to happen. The next stamp increase occurs on January 22nd to .45 for a first class envelope. Most invitations are more than that so please note it might be .65, .85, or more.

4. Order custom stamps ahead of time. They do take quite a bit of time to upload and print compared to going to the post office to pick up, so plan ahead. You can make them on and I can even create custom graphics on them to match your invitations. They are more expensive though than just purchasing them at the post office though.

I hope everyone has a great experience while mailing their invitations, and hopefully these few helpful tips will help you along the way to ensure they arrive safe and sound to your guests! Happy mailing!

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